Strandkonzert mit Brandung (Beach Concert with Surf)

Gert Jonke
Gert Jonke - Strandkonzert mit Brandung

George Frederic Handel - Anton Webern - Lorenzo da Ponte

Gert Jonke dedicated large-scale essays to three great figures of musical history, at various times and in very different ways.

Language and music are siblings – eloquent melodies and resounding sentences illustrate their relationship: this is one of the basic experiences in art. But one of them achieves this magic purely through its form, while the other also commands meaning and action. Gert Jonke, to whom music is as essential as poetry, manages to amalgamate the two so skillfully that the cadence of his language delights us no less than the wisdom of music itself, whose harmonies are able to calm even the most horrible thoughts. Using this talent, he has developed a unique art of portraiture.

With his highly successful plays, Gert Jonke has confirmed the special place that he has long held as an author of prose during recent years. The melodies of his language are unmistakable, and the joy that his poetry conveys is overwhelming. Jürgen Flimm has just reconfirmed this by awarding him the Kleist Prize.