Sie kam zu König Salomo (She came to King Solomon)

Inge Merkel
Sie kam zu König Salomo


"And when the Queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon, she came to prove him with hard questions ..." – thus the Holy Bible begins its account of the first meeting of the two sovereigns. Solomon’s wisdom and wealth are the main focus - what is left out however - is the Queen as a figure and personality in her own right. Yet there are rumours which flourish in obscurity ... Inge Merkel´s imagination takes flight when it comes to ancient rumours which have been passed down over the centuries : an Ethiopian source tells us about the Queen "having wept with longing and desire".

In her novel the King and Queen meet, stripped of their regal robes, as man and woman, trying to compete with each other, desiring each other, with the intention to seduce and wanting to be seduced.

They are constantly being followed by curious eyes, above all by those of jealous Batsheba, Salomon´s mother, whose venomous outspokenness the Queen cannot cope with.

Inge Merkel paints a portrait of two extraordinary personalities with great sensitivity for the souls´ subtle emotions - she reveals their hidden powers and creates a colorful palette of joy, anxiety, vanity and vulnerability. With this novel she has succeeded in producing an authentic, powerful and perceptive depiction of late love.