Der Räuber (The Robber)

Martin Prinz
Martin Prinz - Der Räuber


Rettenberger is running mile after mile, out of the city, across the fields. In his back sirens and flashing lights are swirling through the night, the landscape stretches out in front of him. It is getting easier here, he is just walking on tiptoes now and lifting off to fly away from his pursuers. 

"I am running away - this hardly audible sentence kept coming back with each new step. The interior monologue supplied him better with air, penetrated more easily the narrowness of his throat, the barrier of his numb anxiety and even covered up the haste in his breathing."  

At the end of the 1980´s Rettenberger became famous as "Pumpgun-Ronnie", the bank robber who wore a Reagan-mask during most of his raids. Television and newspapers reported in every issue about his flight which he, a Marathon runner, carried out mainly on foot four days long. Martin Prinz, a runner as well, knew him - and made him the hero of his first novel.