Donnie (Donnie)

Sherko Fatah
Sherko Fatah - Donnie


Gotthard, a former Foreign Legionnaire, is virtually haunted by memories of war and murder. For the narrator of this story this is a curse and blessing at the same time. Certainly he gets the deranged man to talk, but everything he relates is farfetched. Somewhere along the way in the Casbah of his memories an encounter took place which made him forget the complex mapping of the streets of his mind : the encounter with a dog. This animal is now in front of the very door, which the persistently questioning narrator wants to open.

So is this - after so many long stories, a short story about guilt? Yes, because it is also a story about killing . Does it give answers? None, except the only explanation which should suffice: "Thou shalt not kill". Does it deal with love? Yes, but in a cryptic and tender way ... and without close-ups. Is it of current interest? As current as killing can be.

Sherko Fatah proves himself - like in his first novel "In the Borderland" (for which he achieved the "aspekte-Prize for Literature") - as a cautious, undeviating teller of tales, which no one else can relate that way.