Die durchsichtigen Hände (The transparent hands)

Xaver Bayer
Xaver Bayer - Die durchsichtigen Hände


Life presents us with many mysteries, provided that one observes the world with open eyes. The air mattress pushed out to the open sea – what story begins or ends here? The hermetically sealed box – once it has been left in a room, doesn’t it quickly become the magical center of one’s thoughts and behavior? The descent – no sooner does one believe to have finally found the right path, than familiar objects once again recede. And oneself, can one at least rely on oneself? And on the correctness of one’s own perception? One’s reactions? For example when a girl’s scream resounds through a wall, or when one hiker after another is left behind while seeking the sources of a waterfall? Not necessarily. And yet, the stories share a relaxed, cheerful note. Longing joins hands with ironic distance, utopia with youthful serenity, the attempt to reach out to another person ends merely in an elegant pirouette – one raises one’s hat, and then only waves again from a safe distance.

These stories are full of esprit and the joy of mental acrobatics, full of surprising ideas and twisting plots, but beneath the surface with its multi-faceted reflections lie the serious, existential questions that each generation must answer for itself.