Gisela Proßnitz
The Salzburg Festival 1945–1960

An Illustrated Chronicle
240 Seiten, 242 Abbildungen, davon 15 in Farbe
Format 21 x 26, gebunden
€ 25,– / Sfr 37,90, WG 1589

Übertragung ins Englische von Alexa Nieschlag

As early as the Thirties, Salzburg had become the home of the most important festival of music and theater in the world. After the catastrophe of Nazi rule and World War II, both Austria as well as the American occupying forces were determined to rekindle the Festival as soon as possible. Gisela Prossnitz presents a richly illustrated chronicle of events within the Festival and artistic highlights, illustrating how the glamour and importance of the Salzburg Festival was restored in a relatively short time.